Mobtown Ballroom Pricing Update

Dear Denizens of the Mobtown Ballroom,

Our Policy for the past 6 years has been to keep prices as low as humanly possible, in order to make our range of programming available to as many people as we can. In those six years we have more than tripled the scope of what we do, and we have continued to keep a death grip on our old pricing for events, classes, etc–even as our costs of doing business have outpaced the increase in business. We are proud of this, and we will continue to keep everything as cheap as possible even as we make a few changes. Effective Friday, August 4th, we will be raising the prices on swing dances, Lindy Hop Classes, and a few select drinks. The Circus program will continue under the leadership of Kelly Jo, which means that pricing decisions are her prerogative and are not a part of this announcement.

Here’s the breakdown: 

Friday DJ Dances: $10 for the drop in lesson, with free dance. $10 for dance only.
Monday DJ Dances: $10 for the drop in lesson, with free dance. $7 for the dance only.

Bands: Normal band pricing will remain unchanged. $15/$10 students.

Lindy Hop and solo Jazz Classes: $79/$69 for students. This applies to our standard six-week series.

Effectively, we are adding a few cents to each Lindy Hop class and a few dollars to each dance. Our reasons for this are twofold: 1) This business runs on incredibly thin margins, and we need to build a war chest for events, etc. 2) Our commitment to safety, and the exigencies of changing city requirements, mean that we will have to implement an increase in staff/hours both in the front and back of house. We’re committed to paying a decent wage to our employees.


If you legitimately can’t afford to dance or take classes, we will work it out, as we always have. Talk to Michael or Sarah and we’ll find something for you to do or set up a deal. Everybody stays welcome, Bernie Sanders style.
We know that many of you have made this place a kind of second home, and we can’t tell you what an honor it is to have had your trust and support for almost six years now. We don’t take it for granted. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Michael Seguin at or Sarah Sullivan at